Twitch Bits shop

Hi! I have seen a website that is a shop using bits as payment currency.

I would like to do something similar, but I cannot find the API I would need, or if there is already a plugin for a cms like wordpress.

Where could I start?

Thanks a lot for your help



I don’t believe this site/tool/product is permitted under the TOS/Bits Acceptable Use policy. but I’m not a laywer.

Looks like, according to their FAQ, that if you use bits in their channel it’ll assign another currency, and that currency can be used on the site.

So they are just using the cheer eventsub or pubsub topics to consume bits usage events.

You are right, it looks he is using some “points” generated by watching time. Is this what you mean by “cheer”?

My fault, he is not using bits for anything

Cheer is the “action” of using bits in a channel.

Thats not what the FAQ says

What ways do I have to earn points?
Watch MateoZ live, you earn 1 point every minute. Twitch subscribers will get 5 points every minute, activated when you comment 1 time on streaming.

Participate in the DROPS and DRAWS of points that MateoZ will carry out when he sees fit.

Buy bits, 1 bit equals 1 point.

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