How will Twitch Embed updates affect mobile app embeds?

The updates I’m referencing:

In the recent updates regarding embeds, what does this mean for mobile app embeds on iOS or Android? An iOS app, for example, has no https url/domain to provide in the ‘parent’ parameter.

From the update: " With this new configuration, Twitch embeds can only be embedded on https sites . Non-https sites should plan accordingly if they intend on continued use of any Twitch embed experiences that are currently in operation on their site"

Does this mean that mobile apps will no longer be able to embed? It seems that either I am missing something or potentially they overlooked this when writing the update.


Hi @player3studios, do you have an iOS app in the App Store (or know of a couple examples) that is using Twitch Embeds in WKWebViews? I’d love to show some folks examples internally and get more context for how this will affect mobile apps.

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Hi @jbulava, our iOS and Android apps broke with this change and we have exhausted all attempts to pass IP address, bundle ID, and more as parent but we keep on getting blocked.

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I am also having this issue. What are we supposed to use as the parent within a WKWebView?

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I posted similar with electron in the announcements thread and it’s probably similar. Electron uses file:// to host the web view internally. I’m assuming the iOS/Android does similar.

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Same for me on Android, this is quite a big issues for our business, is there any follow up on this ?

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hey @WLG3R, did this work for you on mobile? what exactly did you set the parent to?

I haven’t used mobile yet, electron is a desktop app that wraps a webview using the chromium browser. But in theory, it should be similar to the WKWebView on how it works.

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I do not think the browser understands the extension’s origin in frame-ancestors. It needs to be investigated.

Hi all !
I have the same problem
my electon & android app broken
parent : localhost , does not working

var options = {
width: w,
height: h,
channel: x,
parent: [“localhost”]
var player = new Twitch.Player(rt, options);

if i use html5 is working
that mean , embed player only works to server ?
any help ?


Please do not bump threads.

In Electron you can use onHeadersReceived to modify the Content-Security-Policy header and strip out the frame-ancestors part of it.

I try this and not working :confused:

can you at least tell us if there’s anyone working on this ? Should we wait for you to fix this or should we find some other way to implement twitch player in mobile apps ?

I imaging Twitch is aware and determining what to do, but I don’t know as :

I’m not Twitch staff, just another third party dev, whom helps looks after the forum.

Right, meant you as Twitch, didn’t know you’re not :slight_smile:

Hi, we have an app that is built with Flutter, using the WebView for Twitch and unfortunately, since Twitch added parent as a mandatory parameter in query string or options for the interactive player, it is not working anymore.
What is the workaround for mobile apps to pass parent in order to use Twitch?

@jbulava do you have some kind of update on what mobile apps are supposed to do or are you working on a fix?


Any thoughts of this being possible within an Electron <webview>? iirc there’s no direct access to the session