Changing a subtitle for a published game (relaunch)

Hi there,

We recently relaunched our game as F2P, and with it, reduced our stupidly long subtitle – from:

Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit


Throne of Lies: Medieval Politics

Can anyone help us change this? Perhaps @ConcreteEntree (I saw you answer a similar thread)?

Thank you!! This can be confirmed here:

Game data is ingested from IGDB now

You should be able to change it there and Twitch will update.

Hmm, it’s there now, but Twitch isn’t reflecting.

Now as in literally just changed/accepted on IGDB?

It’s unknown how often Twitch resyncs data from IGDB.

There may also be a “delay” in support due to the christmas break

@ThroneOfLiesGame- You should be good to go now. :slight_smile:

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